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My Final Post Here

Going forward, I will devoting my time to my two other WordPress blogs, as my time is being diverted to spend more time in developing and opening up our residential faith based addiction retreat.  Please visit and follow me at and

A huge thank you to all of you who have followed me here!  I hope you learned something from the mistakes I have made with addiction, and that you understand that addiction has a final end from which a new life begins.

If you need help in your recovery, we are here for you.  We work with you online – by phone and video conferencing, with 24/7 support.  Please visit us.

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Don’t be Deceived by What you Perceive!

The article below is one I wrote and put in two of my other blogs.  For those of you who don’t follow me on those blogs, here it is…

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment.

The above is the definition of  the word, ‘perception‘.  What we eachperceive as being the truth is, to us, the truth.  There’s a glitch here, though. You may be colorblind and I’m not.  I may try as hard as I can to convince you that my favorite flowers are the beautiful red, crimson and pink ones (in the top photo below); however,  you are insisting that you only see yellow, blue, lavender, green and white ones (bottom photo reflecting someone who is clinically colorblind).  Who’s correct?  Think about it.  I am seeing the colors as I perceive them, but so are you!  So, to me, I’m 100% correct in describing the colors; however, you’re 100% correct as well – even though we are both seeing the same beautiful garden in different colors.

flowers in true colors

flowers in true colors 2 colorblind

So, what does any of this have to do with addiction recovery?

Perception has everything to do with addiction recovery!  What you perceive as truth is your truth. Let me give you another example.  We each use different mental processes when we formulate impressions of other people. As a matter of fact, many of us regret making snap judgments about someone who later turns out to become a close friend. Our first impressions are based upon our past personal interactions and our own personal traits.  Someone who you perceive as being evil may be perceived by someone else as being a kind and caring person.  Again, who’s right?  This perceptive behavior is what brings friends together; however, it also brings about those hellish clicks of people who we all love to hate.  So, getting back to recovery, we all have different perceptions of what happens in the various addiction recovery program, as well as preconceived notions about whether or not these programs work.  Our perceptions come from the media’s opinions,  the seductive ads we see on TV for expensive rehabs, the success or failure of friends and family, and what we have read online and in newspapers or books.  Our own worst enemy can beour personal perception that is based on all of these sources combined, which may or may not be factual.

How does a person decide what’s real and what could be a false perception?

Have you ever heard of, ‘just the facts ma’am’?  We need to gather the facts – without the bias of our preconceived perceptions.  Consider other possibilities.  Evaluate the success or failure of a program.  Weigh your options. See what the statistics are.  Consider going out of the box when it’s not looking too good.  Make the decision that you perceive will be the best for you. Consider God, who is the Creator and Master of all things; is there anything impossible for Him to do for you?

As a final word, I come back to the title of this post:

Don’t be deceived by what you perceive.

Victory Retreat Montana – online and individualized faith based recovery with a residential recovery retreat on the way!  In addition to our awesome program, we always  provide you with FREE 24/7 support via text, chat and email.

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I Believe! Do You?

Faith is a big deal with the Lord.  With God and faith, the Bible says all things are possible.  The Bible says that we need to come to Him with a child’s faith.  You know how kids will believe anything you tell them?  We have to be the same.  It’s blind faith – the type of faith reserved only for God.

Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He Is, and that He Is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6

I love to recall the day, on March 22, 2007, when I was on a gurney in the ER, waiting to be transferred to another hospital for emergency intervention in the cardiac care unit and then, if I were to survive, to be detoxed.  I was experiencing a massive accidental overdose and not expected to survive.  My liver was failing… my kidneys were almost completely shut down… and my heart was beating very irregularly as it pounded in my chest.  My potassium level bottomed out completely so that my heartbeats couldn’t be supported.  I never felt sicker; I don’t think anyone could feel worse than I did back on that day. With all this going on, for a few hours I felt really scared, alone and hopeless.  I figured I would just wait it out until my death.  Then, it happened!  It was a pivotal moment!. I heard a newborn baby crying as he or she was entering this world for the very first time.  This new little life was being born just a few feet away from me.  Usually, when a life comes in, another one goes out; however, this time it wasn’t going to be me who was going out.  Jesus let me know, at that very moment, that I would defy all odds… that He would allow me to live through all of this… that my miracle was on it’s way.  So, instead of waiting to die, I waited to live.  This was the same Jesus who I betrayed by my drug addiction.  His love for me (and all of you) is so great… so unconditional… so righteous… so pure… that He never gives up on us!  Who do you know like that?  As long as you still have love in your heart for Him, and the desire to do your life His way, He won’t ever leave you.

The rest of my story is found in the first several posts on this blog, so I won’t repeat it.  My point is that whether it’s the total healing of addiction, or anything else, God will do it – according to your faith.  In His hometown of Nazareth, He could do not healing because no one would believe that He was the Messiah.  They saw Him only as Joseph’s Son, so they figured there was no way the He was the Christ!  Once Jesus traveled around to neighboring towns, it became a completely different story; EVERYONE was healed, delivered from demonic possession (mental illnesses) and many were even raised from the dead.  Since the Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”, do you not know that He will heal you?

My ongoing impossible dream is to have an IV infusion of faith… one that I can insert in a vein and run it through so that I can give them the faith to believe.  YOU have to find a way to receive and keep your own faith.  It comes with getting the Word of God into your heart and mind by reading your Bible daily and fellowshipping with true born again believers. Above that, PRAISE HIM!  “He inhabits the praises of His people”.

Yeshua broken chainI

f you need a faith infusion in your addiction recovery, CLICK HERE.  Jesus doesn’t make you count days, He makes your days count!  He’ll never make you do (12) steps, you only need to follow in His steps.  He causes recovery to end in you being fully recovered without a lifetime of struggle.

What it is!

Addiction is a spiritual problem that demands a spiritual solution.

Jesus carries 1

“He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed.”
Jesus’ Words in Luke 4:18

Recover Once & be Recovered for Life with the Best Online Faith Based Program on Earth ~ all from the Comfort of Home! Check out where the solution is delivered HERE.

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Your Very First Day Clean & Sober

Your first day clean isn’t your first day of detox or your first day without drugs because you couldn’t score any. In both cases, you will go through an ugly withdrawal. Detox is a supervised medical process of becoming drug free and withdrawal is your body’s raging fury when you don’t feed it drugs.  Either way, neither one is your first sober day. Neither of those are pleasant to experience.

What does your first day of being clean and sober look and feel like?

breaking free 1The first thing I will say, is that when it happens, you’ll surely know it!  You’ll actually think that everyone on the planet can see and feel exactly what you’re seeing and feeling.  That’s how powerful it is. It’s the most awe-inspiring day of your life.  You’ll realize how clear your mind is and how good your body feels.  You will experience hope – possibly for the very first time in you life.  It’s like waking up from a ghoulish nightmare and you realize you’re perfectly safe and secure, because it was just a dream and the nightmare is now over.  You’ll breathe as you’ve never breathed before; it will feel so sweet.  You’ll hear the breathtaking sounds of nature and ask yourself why they never mattered to you before now.  Food will taste as it should and music will sound transparent and unhindered.  You will know what it’s like to be truly set FREE and you it will be day 1 of treasuring each day going forward!  Being grateful for all things will begin to be your norm.  Last, but certainly not least, you will feel God’s presence and know His majesty.  You will understand  how you were possessed by the evil spirit of addiction and now God has replaced His Holy Spirit to comfort and keep you.  If you have received the Lord Jesus, you will know that you know that you know, that the spirit of addiction will never have you ever again.  It will feel like you’ve been rescued, by angels, from a chamber of torture where you were being slowly and painfully murdered.  You know that you will never return to that; you just know!  No more having to hunt down and secure drugs… no more craving drugs… no more prison bars on your life.

Recovery need only be a one time process.  It should never be a revolving door circus that has to happen again and again.  After a while, it all loses it’s meaning and effect.  Victory Retreat Montana online recovery has the solution.  Please visit us by clicking here.

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What Can You Say to the Newly Recovered Former Substance Abuser?

Words hold power – to do either good or evil.  When you deliver bad words, life takes a turn for the worse.  When you speak good words, beautiful life changing events happen.  The recovered former substance abuser is extra sensitive during their first year, when the brain is re-setting itself to normal. When you love that person, you need to provide encouragement, forgiveness and a source of hope for them.  No, you’re not responsible for winning or losing in their recovery; however, you ARE responsible for respecting their humanity and showing them that you forgive them.  They need to feel your unconditional love, without placating them or giving them false hopes.  It’s a balance of things that need to work together to help them in a therapeutic and humane way.  We teach that at Victory Retreat Montana online.

The people the recovered former substance abuser comes home to are an integral part in that person’s completed recovery. Through your words to them, along with their observation of your lifestyle that back those words, they learn trust, love, compassion, balance, life skills and hope.  You need to know what ingredients to add that will make the recovery meal super delicious.  In a way it’s like a child learning what they live.  The vulnerable newly recovered former substance abuser is also like a child who need to re-learn life, just as a child does.


For you newly recovered love one, NEVER…

  • Never call them an ‘addict’; that was then and not now; they are humans like anyone else
  • Never become hostile; hostility breeds rage and resentment
  • Never speak to them in the negative, such as saying things like, ‘don’t’, ‘you’re not’, ‘never’, ‘I prohibit you from’, ‘you can’t’, etc.  All of those negative words cause behaviors that are opposite to what you are demanding.  When you tell someone, ‘don’t, they ‘do’.
  • Never speak words that will dredge up their past. The past is over and done.  No one should ever be defined by their past.
  • Never correct in a negative manner.
  • Never use words of condemnation.
  • Never react in anger.
  • Never cause them to feel invisible; that’s abusive.

For your newly recovered loved one, ALWAYS…

  • Always speak truth in words and in deeds… and follow through with your promises.
  • Always pray for and with your loved one at least once daily and each time a crisis comes up.
  • Always be a source of encouragement. There is always something to respond with encouragement about.
  • Always be there to listen – without judgement.
  • Show unconditional love always.
  • Find something to compliment about your loved one.
  • Deliver words that bring change.
  • Offer words, on a daily basis (or more), that tells them how much they matter.
  • Ask them if they would like to talk about their plans and encourage them.
  • Tell them, in word and in deed, that you are proud of them.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
Proverbs 18:21


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Do You Understand?

We’re in a war.  Addiction is the killer that wants to destroy you.  It’s rampant.  It’s insidious. It’s even promoted and enabled by doctors who you thought you could trust.  It seeks anyone it can.  It overpowers the  young and old, rich and poor, professionals and the uneducated, men and women, children, those in mansions and those who are homeless.  Anyone with breath are it’s victims.  Blink your eyes and it’s already gotten hold of you.

  • For you who are married to a substance abuser, do you understand how and why this happened, and that you can help?
  • For you, parents, do you understand how your child ended up in an addiction, and what you can do about it?
  • For those of you who depend so deeply on a doctor for all of your problems, can you even begin to comprehend the reason why your pain is getting worse and why your health is failing?
  • To you kids, I’m so sorry your parents are using drugs and have seemingly abandoned you and your needs; do you want to know more?
  • To all of you who have a loved one whose personality has radically changed: do you want to know how to tell if it’s because of drugs or alcohol?
  • Are you or your loved one sleeping all the time and you can’t figure out why?
  • Are you, or a loved one, emotionally out of control and being given all of these psychiatric diagnoses that require medications that are making it worse?  Do you want to know why?
  • Have you, or a loved one, become unmotivated and apathetic about work, life and your family?  Want to understand why this could be?
  • Are your prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and depression making you worse, but you’ve convinced yourself that your doctor is always right and would never harm you, so you keep taking them anyway?
  • Does there seem as though there is a dark cloud over you that won’t leave you alone?

stop 9Most people just don’t understand anything about addiction.  Unfortunately, there is a very real stigma associated with it. Many are in denial about it.  Others make a loved one worse because they don’t know anything about enabling.  Some don’t recognize the signs of addiction until they find their loved one blue and dead from an overdose one morning.  There are those who are so lost in an addiction that they can no longer help themselves, so they need to be rescued.  There are enablers out there who think that feeding their loved one will keep them from using again or that, without giving money, they will end up on the streets and die.

Addiction affects EVERYONE!  You either are in an addiction or you have a friend or loved one who is.  You may know someone who overdosed and died.  We need to work together to STOP & PREVENT addition.  Most of all, we need to eliminate the stigma associated with it.  The answer and the solution is God… Jesus Christ.  Laugh at me… mock me… tell me I need to get a life; however, I’m right!  Our ministry in addiction and recovery has proven I’m right.  The Lord saved my life from certain death in 2007 and healed me.  I have never struggled.  My addiction is in my past and does not affect my life in any way except for the good.  I appreciate and love each day because I’m free.  I never take my freedom and healing for granted.  Our ministry works with people to recovery and, soon, we will have an faith based, NON-12 Step healing drug & alcohol rehab up and running here in Montana.

When the current rehab system isn’t working, and more people are dying at a higher rate than ever, continuing in the same way is insanity, isn’t it?  Why do what isn’t working over and over again.  We came up with something miraculously different!  People actually get healed and have new lives.  No one has to do ‘steps’ for the rest of their lives!  That, in itself is bondage.  We get people out of bondage and into freedom.

If you want to have a talk, we’re here for you.  Just go to our contact page and reach out to us.  We just may be able to help.  The talk is FREE.

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Is Your Loved One Coming Home to His or Her Past, or Will it be their Present and Future?

One of the reasons why we work with families, is because addiction is a family problem that has a family solution.  Without knowing it, family members can destroy someone’s recovery process by refusing to see them as a new person.  Typically, spouses, children, parents and others close to the recovering person, will constantly make mention of what that person once was and the bad things they did – not acknowledging their courage and strength during their brave fight to be delivered from the ugly, dark and demonic claws of addiction.

When people graduate from Victory Retreat Montana’s virtual recovery program, the family is well coached on how to welcome their loved one back into their lives and their homes.  The graduate is also prepared to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves upon their return home.  Most rehabs don’t do this.  They send the graduate of their program back into their former life, with all the problems they left there.  No one knows how to communicate, much less provide the necessary encouragement and recovery tools to fuel their loved one in a positive direction.

Are you a new graduate?  Need faith based Recovery?  Looking for answers? Are you the family of a loved one who suffered in an addiction and don’t know what to do or where to turn?  Please contact us below, or go to Victory Retreat Montana and learn more of what we do and how we can help.


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How Does the Family Heal from a Loved One’s Addiction?


Some families heal, while other don’t.  Some marriages repair, others break up. It’s kind of like the situation that exists between a couple who lose their child to death.  The unthinkable death of a child, almost always, breaks up a marriage.  This is due to blame, guilt and shame that is not dealt with. The fact remains that addiction takes hostages, so ALL have to be freed.

Don’t rehab programs deal with the entire family?

Unfortunately, most don’t; however, WE DO!  Typically, the newly detoxed and rehabbed person comes home – proud and happy that they are finally free.  Unfortunately, if they have been rehabbed with the 12 Steps groups, they come home without much hope for their future.  Those groups tell them the lie that they are diseased and will suffer relapses.  So, those people come home waiting come down with a fake relapse that causes them to use again.  Sadly, when the brain is brainwashed into believing such lies, it will cause that person to be automatically set up to use again.

Under healthy circumstances, when the rehabbed person isn’t brainwashed by disease theorists, the initial scene they walk into is one where everyone is happy to be reunited with them, so a big dinner is shared… possibly even a little celebration.  Then, soon after, the anger, the fear, the waiting for the ax to fall, the suspicion, the loss of trust, the not knowing how to act, and questions as to ‘what now’ arise.  So, there’s a HUGE problem when the family isn’t integrated into the healing process of recovery – together. Addiction is not the problem of just one individual – it is a problem of the entire family unit.  The person who just left their addition behind has radically changed from the user he or she once was, but rarely do they get praise or credit for what they have accomplished.  More often, they are continually treated as the addicted person they once were.  No one understands that person any longer and that person doesn’t know how to do life now.  Each one involved needs to be coached on how to re-engage themselves with each other and what to do as the first year of healing phases unfold.  There is a toolbox needed for married couples, kids, and the family as a unit.  We have that toolbox where many rehabs do not think it’s even necessary.

I tend to promote what we do and how we do it because our way of recovery is unique and works!  When you can help people gain self worth and get rid of guilt and shame, they can begin the healing process.  They transform into that stunningly beautiful and unique butterfly God wants them to be.  butterflies-2

So, assuming you, or your loved one, needs to choose a way to rehab, please contact us about it.  Talking to us is free and you really need to check out all of your options before deciding on something this important.  You can either go to our contact page on this site, in the contact form below, or you can go to and find us there.  Trust me, we’re not going to do a pushy sales job on you.  We’re not like that.  We will answer your questions and explain what we do and how we do it.  Then, it rests in your hands to say yes or no.