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A Word to Family Members of Loved Ones in Addiction

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Family & Friends Must Intervene!

Learn the signs of addiction – for their sake.  Don’t play Russian Roulette with your loved one who is paralyzed by addiction.  Every day that they are still alive is a miracle.  You need to learn the outward signs so that you can intervene and save their life;  they will NOT and can NOT do it on their own. Don’t put action on a shelf somewhere.  Accidental overdoses have  no signs – they just happen and then they’re gone.  Here are some of the most obvious signs with most any addiction; there are more:


  • Bloodshot (glazy red) eyes
  • Enlarged or smaller sized pupils than usual
  • Deterioration in physical appearance (uneven skin tone, decreased grooming, severe weight gain, or weight loss)
  • Sudden change in sleep pattern or pretends to be sick
  • Hyped up behavior and saying things that make no sense
  • Bad hygiene (bad breathe, clothes smell, teeth begin to yellow, eyes appear droopy)
  • Suddenly prefers to spend a majority of their time alone
  • Neglects responsibilities
  • Disappears and gives no explanation
  • On-going money troubles (constantly complains of a lack of funds)
  • Slow motor skills, delayed reactions, and slurred speech
  • Sudden need for money and experiences unexplained financial issues
  • Behaviors seem to be shady, secretive, or suspicious
  • Change is circle of friends, hobbies, interests, and preferred places to hang out
  • Lack of motivation or drive to work or study
  • Unusual anxiety and fear
  • Increased anger, mood swings, apathy, lethargy and a change in attitude
  • Personality changes
  • Fighting, stealing, or illegal activity

When I was in my own addiction, for many years prior to March of 2007, no one said anything until AFTER I was detoxed.  Some didn’t know I was drugging, while others just watched and said nothing.  It’s amazing who really cares and who doesn’t.  For those who just don’t know, please carefully note the above signs and make a move because time is running out quickly.
Two things are certain:

1)  Unless your loved one has completely hit a dangerous rock bottom that shakes them to the core of their soul, your addicted loved one  will  NOT   want to end their addiction on their  own; they simply can’t.  Your loved one may not be ready for recovery at all yet.  He or she may require some preparations to enter detox first.  You will first need to intervene at this critical time.  When do you intervene?  Right now!  Drug addicts are overtaken by their addiction and their addiction is their comfort zone – as uncomfortable as that may be for them.  They need to be rescued before they experience an accidental overdose from which they may not survive.  If they don’t go to detox, most will die prematurely from accidental overdose.  No matter what he/she tells you, don’t believe them; they won’t go on their own.
Once your loved one returns from detox (8 to 14 days), it is the most vulnerable time for them.  It is a time when they can easily return to drugs or alcohol.  They MUST enter recovery.  Here’s where we come in.  If they are against recovery, you need to have the tools in your toolbox on how to steer them into attending recovery.  It takes up to one year to fully recover.  The brain goes through many changes during that year and your loved one needs help, guidance, education and support.  We’re here to do that for them; however, it’s your job to convince the reluctant newly detoxed person to enter recovery because they still are not ready or able to make proper decisions.  We can coach you through this critical time.

2)  While it’s not a disease, when addiction takes hold, it posesses one’s soul and refuses to let go.  It’s as though your loved one has been put in a prison cell with unbendable bars and a lock to which no one has the key.  It’s bondage – plain and simple.  As I have always said, addiction is a spiritual problem that demands a spiritual solution.  The only way out is by rescue. You are dealing with someone who is NOT the person you once knew before addiction hit.  This is a different person who lives to use and nothing much else matters.  You can’t deal with logic or rationality.  You need to be tough and strong.  You need to pray, and pray hard.  You especially need to take action!

The addicted person lives by no moral code and no boundaries.  They function on  the level of an animal after prey.  They need to keep ‘hunting’ in order to exist and not become excrutiatingly sick from withdrawal.  They go by no rhyme or reason.   Unless you’ve been where they are, you cannot possibly understand what they’re going through.  Just know, that they are terrorized and wish this never happened to them.  They are by no means happy; however, they’ll almost always tell you that they’re fine the way they are.  Don’t believe that for one moment!
So, what can you do?  If your loved one won’t enter detox on his/her own, then you need to intervene yourselves, or hire an interventionist to be the catalyst for their entering detox.  While we are not interventionists, we can coach you through to doing that.  Please  CONTACT US  and we can talk about the ever so important role that you can play in setting them FREE.  We also provide family coaching for getting your newly detoxed loved one into recovery and for dealing with a drug addict in your family.


Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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