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What ‘IF’ You Could Return to That Moment When Your Addiction Began?

No one should be doing the ‘what if’ dance; however, deep reflection on the past is healthy and tells us, ‘don’t go there again’.  We are the culmination of all that we have done – good and bad.  Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”.

Go back to that moment, when you took your first pill… accepted a dangerous prescription from your doctor… trusted your doctor that he/she was giving you a ‘safe’ drug… purchased drugs off a street dealer or got them from a friend… drank for the first time… or other encounter.  Did you research what you were doing BEFORE you did it, or did you just do it?  Were you in a vulnerable time when you would have done anything to take away the physical or emotional pain?  Did you think your answers could come from some drug or alcohol and not your heart and God?  Do you have regrets?

When we understand the ‘why’, then we can figure out the fix.  The fix is Jesus Christ – the One who created you and knows you better than anyone.  “Ask and you shall receive.”  You must, however, receive Jesus first.  Just go to my ‘Free Gift’ tab (or just CLICK HERE)  and you can learn how to receive Him and heal for life.  It’s that simple!  Don’t make complicated what is so easy. Run to your Heavenly Father for all of your answers.

Faith Based Compassionate Online Recovery – CLICK HERE.



Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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