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Due to the profound seriousness and dangerous nature of the circumstances that cause me to be as close as I am today with the Lord Jesus, I have become truly dispassionate and intolerant to people who allege to be Christians and are not.  I’m not boasting that this is necessarily a ‘good’ thing, I’m just sayin’.  I went through a ridiculous amount of danger, hazards, torment, unhappiness, brokenness, heartbreak, fiery trials, near death experiences, sickness, disease, broken relationships, family trauma, and more, to be where I am today.  Today, I am happy – regardless of circumstances in my life.  I am at peace – no matter what.   I am very healthy and under the Lord’s blessings.  As the Bible promises,  I am “the head and not the tail”.  I am surrounded by His angels who protect every move I make.  I know – without an iota of doubt – that I am saved, I am Jesus’ Bride and I am  Heaven bound.  It was through going through MUCH, that I have achieved the level of belief that I have today.

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Why should I care about how other believers walk?  I care because of the Holy Spirit’s promptings to me; so, I must call it as I see it to those who cross my path so that they might truly repent and make it to Heaven too.  Telling others what we observe to be  a wrong turn off the straight and narrow, is 100% Biblical, or their blood will be on our hands.  There are sins that I call, ‘oops sins’ .  Oops sins are just plain old everyday fleshly sin arising from being unaware… being seriously provoked by someone or something… or just not knowing .  When we commit an oops sin without realizing it,  1) we must identify it as we go the the Lord in our closet prayer that day, 2) we repent of it and ask for the Lord’s mercy to forgive us,  3) we make a plan of how to never do it again – and stick with the plan,  and 4) we vow NEVER EVER to repeat it and we don’t.  Oops sins NEVER occur twice.  When an oops sin happens twice, it becomes deliberate sin, or what God calls, rebellion.

Another pet peeve I have are for people who claim to love God and say, I’m sorry, without meaning it.  I’m sorry means, forgive me because I will NEVER do it again; then, they do it again!  The problem with, I’m sorry, is that most people who claim to love God are lying because they don’t mean it.  God hates liars and they don’t go to a good place in eternity – if you know what I mean.  These ‘goats’ say the words to get a temporary stay of execution, and then do it again… and again… and again.  That’s not being sorry on any level imaginable.  That’s called being in rebellion, which is not being saved.

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
2 Peter 2:21

Rebellion is where I vow never to be again.  I was once in rebellion by using drugs; however, the traumatic events that the Lord took me through and delivered me from – due to my former rebellsion, have taught me a loud and powerful lesson, so, I am NOT a rebel anymore.  I refuse to risk my eternity in Heaven for some stupid and ignorant acts of the flesh.  I can tell people about what I went through and deliver the message I have harshly learned, but – when you tell humans, ‘don’t’, then they ‘do’.  It is always my hope that no one else has to go through any one of the events that I have gone through in my lifetime, but that’s a very naive hope on my part – knowing human behavior better than that.  BUT… for the one or two of you that can hear and listen to my words, maybe you’ll learn something today and avoid bad tomorrows.

Have I become a bit touchy or cynical or unsympathetic or intolerant or accusatory or suspicious?  Most would say that I have.  I say that I’ve become more concerned with your soul that being liked.  That’s LOVE – God’s Love!  I only want to see you ‘there’.


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Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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