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Definition of sacrifice:  

sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. 

For me to have been able to achieve complete healing of addiction – back in 2007, to date, and for the rest of my life –  I had to SACRIFICE.  Anyone who comes to know the Lord must sacrifice.  It could be the sacrifice of a lifestyle… a boyfriend or girlfriend… a job… friends… a home town… family… children… parents… activities… books… movies… TV… social events… secular schooling… music…

My Own Biggest Sacrifice   


Whatever or whoever it is that does not align with the Word of God is something that needs to be sacrificed in order for your final destination to be Heaven.  When I was in detox – fighting for my life – my younger daughter told me that if I didn’t go to a 12 steps rehab for 6 months, that she would never talk to me… that I would never attend her wedding… that I would never meet her children when or if she had any… and that she would never be there for me.    She made these threats knowing that I trusted Jesus – and Him alone.  That daughter kept her promise!  She contacted me after her declaration of not speaking to me ever again, telling me that she needed a relationship with me of sorts.  Of course, I (joyfully) accepted her back into my life.  Nothing could ever stop me from loving my children; however, she wouldn’t ‘allow’ me to talk about Jesus and I had to have a relationship with her – HER way, not God’s way.  We continued for several years to have ‘controlled’ talks (under her control) until the Lord spoke to me about having to resume sharing Jesus with her, as her soul was (and is) in jeopardy.  She  is so opposed to God… even to the point of permanently marking up her body with two huge tattoos that are 100% Satanic.  One of the two tattoos was an upside down cross – a definite Satanic symbol!   Her evil was SO profound that my other (also apostate) daughter doesn’t ever want her near her children!  She is an amazing vocalist and songwriter; however, she writes music AGAINST Christianity and Jesus Christ.  I had to sacrific my daughter because I refused to stop talking about my faith to her.  Although I reached out to her many times, she has never returned my emails, voicemails, or texts.  She has made her decision… a decision that will affect her eternity.  My older daughter last spoke to me – over 2 years ago – when my husband and I sent our little grandchildren 3 adorable kids’ videos, at Christmas time, about the love and salvation of Jesus the Messiah.  We researched these videos to make sure that they would be enjoyed.  My daughter wouldn’t acknowledge the gifts we sent and never spoke to me again.  Despite attempts to reconnect, she refused.  She took our grandchildren away from us and, far worse, she took our grandchildrens’ grandparents away from them.  I had to sacrifice my daughter and grandchildren.  Both of my children made their decisions and both of them will suffer in eternity unless they repent; that will be their ‘sacrifice’ for sin.

Yes, there have been many other sacrifices I have had to make for my faith.  I thought I’d share the above with you due to the nature of the depth of the sacrifice, and to show you that joy and peace come with sacrifice.  My walk with Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of my life to me, and should be to you as well.  After all, Jesus sacrificed His life for us!!!  That’s the biggest sacrifice anyone can make – especially for God Himself.  When you sacrifice for Jesus – you will be FREE!  If you compromise, you will wake up in Hell.  Be Heaven bound!  Your soul is too important; it’s the only thing you take with you when you die.  Our lives, and all things and people that compose are lives, must be ready to be sacrifice.

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