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Trust is a Big Deal!

Yeshua bench sepia

Trust is a big deal.  You can’t just have it for anyone.  They need to earn your trust.  If they have ever disappointed you, regaining trust is most difficult.  Trust takes time to earn.  It involves experience after experience where that someone doesn’t ever disappoint you  with lying or deceit.  You know you can finally trust someone when you no longer suspect them of wrongdoing.  Trust is a difficult thing when it comes to humans; however it’s an easy thing knowing that you can blindly trust the God of the Bible – Jesus Christ.  It is He who I personally trust and He has never once betrayed my trust.  Who do YOU trust?  If you can bring yourself to trust HIM, you’re recovery will lead to being fully recovered – never having to worry about addiction ever again.

Need truly affordable help in recovery? Want a permanent solution for addiction? Don’t want to do ‘steps’ or be told that you have a (theorized) disease? Resent being called an ‘addict’ – even when you’re past your addiction? Want your recovery to remain private, be compassionate, and individualized just for you? Want a faith based solution? Would you like to recover from the privacy of your home or office? Don’t want recovery to interfere in your activities of daily living? A FREE, no obligation, 30 minute conversation by phone is waiting for you; however, for those who truly cannot afford our program and can demonstrate their need with verifiable documentation, the program is given FREE. Please CLICK HERE!
As a registered non profit corporation, we’re currently working hard to obtain grants, donations and funding so that we can provide you with a totally FREE program – if you are unable to afford our low cost.




Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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