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How Does the Family Heal from a Loved One’s Addiction?


Some families heal, while other don’t.  Some marriages repair, others break up. It’s kind of like the situation that exists between a couple who lose their child to death.  The unthinkable death of a child, almost always, breaks up a marriage.  This is due to blame, guilt and shame that is not dealt with. The fact remains that addiction takes hostages, so ALL have to be freed.

Don’t rehab programs deal with the entire family?

Unfortunately, most don’t; however, WE DO!  Typically, the newly detoxed and rehabbed person comes home – proud and happy that they are finally free.  Unfortunately, if they have been rehabbed with the 12 Steps groups, they come home without much hope for their future.  Those groups tell them the lie that they are diseased and will suffer relapses.  So, those people come home waiting come down with a fake relapse that causes them to use again.  Sadly, when the brain is brainwashed into believing such lies, it will cause that person to be automatically set up to use again.

Under healthy circumstances, when the rehabbed person isn’t brainwashed by disease theorists, the initial scene they walk into is one where everyone is happy to be reunited with them, so a big dinner is shared… possibly even a little celebration.  Then, soon after, the anger, the fear, the waiting for the ax to fall, the suspicion, the loss of trust, the not knowing how to act, and questions as to ‘what now’ arise.  So, there’s a HUGE problem when the family isn’t integrated into the healing process of recovery – together. Addiction is not the problem of just one individual – it is a problem of the entire family unit.  The person who just left their addition behind has radically changed from the user he or she once was, but rarely do they get praise or credit for what they have accomplished.  More often, they are continually treated as the addicted person they once were.  No one understands that person any longer and that person doesn’t know how to do life now.  Each one involved needs to be coached on how to re-engage themselves with each other and what to do as the first year of healing phases unfold.  There is a toolbox needed for married couples, kids, and the family as a unit.  We have that toolbox where many rehabs do not think it’s even necessary.

I tend to promote what we do and how we do it because our way of recovery is unique and works!  When you can help people gain self worth and get rid of guilt and shame, they can begin the healing process.  They transform into that stunningly beautiful and unique butterfly God wants them to be.  butterflies-2

So, assuming you, or your loved one, needs to choose a way to rehab, please contact us about it.  Talking to us is free and you really need to check out all of your options before deciding on something this important.  You can either go to our contact page on this site, in the contact form below, or you can go to and find us there.  Trust me, we’re not going to do a pushy sales job on you.  We’re not like that.  We will answer your questions and explain what we do and how we do it.  Then, it rests in your hands to say yes or no.




Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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