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Do You Understand?

We’re in a war.  Addiction is the killer that wants to destroy you.  It’s rampant.  It’s insidious. It’s even promoted and enabled by doctors who you thought you could trust.  It seeks anyone it can.  It overpowers the  young and old, rich and poor, professionals and the uneducated, men and women, children, those in mansions and those who are homeless.  Anyone with breath are it’s victims.  Blink your eyes and it’s already gotten hold of you.

  • For you who are married to a substance abuser, do you understand how and why this happened, and that you can help?
  • For you, parents, do you understand how your child ended up in an addiction, and what you can do about it?
  • For those of you who depend so deeply on a doctor for all of your problems, can you even begin to comprehend the reason why your pain is getting worse and why your health is failing?
  • To you kids, I’m so sorry your parents are using drugs and have seemingly abandoned you and your needs; do you want to know more?
  • To all of you who have a loved one whose personality has radically changed: do you want to know how to tell if it’s because of drugs or alcohol?
  • Are you or your loved one sleeping all the time and you can’t figure out why?
  • Are you, or a loved one, emotionally out of control and being given all of these psychiatric diagnoses that require medications that are making it worse?  Do you want to know why?
  • Have you, or a loved one, become unmotivated and apathetic about work, life and your family?  Want to understand why this could be?
  • Are your prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and depression making you worse, but you’ve convinced yourself that your doctor is always right and would never harm you, so you keep taking them anyway?
  • Does there seem as though there is a dark cloud over you that won’t leave you alone?

stop 9Most people just don’t understand anything about addiction.  Unfortunately, there is a very real stigma associated with it. Many are in denial about it.  Others make a loved one worse because they don’t know anything about enabling.  Some don’t recognize the signs of addiction until they find their loved one blue and dead from an overdose one morning.  There are those who are so lost in an addiction that they can no longer help themselves, so they need to be rescued.  There are enablers out there who think that feeding their loved one will keep them from using again or that, without giving money, they will end up on the streets and die.

Addiction affects EVERYONE!  You either are in an addiction or you have a friend or loved one who is.  You may know someone who overdosed and died.  We need to work together to STOP & PREVENT addition.  Most of all, we need to eliminate the stigma associated with it.  The answer and the solution is God… Jesus Christ.  Laugh at me… mock me… tell me I need to get a life; however, I’m right!  Our ministry in addiction and recovery has proven I’m right.  The Lord saved my life from certain death in 2007 and healed me.  I have never struggled.  My addiction is in my past and does not affect my life in any way except for the good.  I appreciate and love each day because I’m free.  I never take my freedom and healing for granted.  Our ministry works with people to recovery and, soon, we will have an faith based, NON-12 Step healing drug & alcohol rehab up and running here in Montana.

When the current rehab system isn’t working, and more people are dying at a higher rate than ever, continuing in the same way is insanity, isn’t it?  Why do what isn’t working over and over again.  We came up with something miraculously different!  People actually get healed and have new lives.  No one has to do ‘steps’ for the rest of their lives!  That, in itself is bondage.  We get people out of bondage and into freedom.

If you want to have a talk, we’re here for you.  Just go to our contact page and reach out to us.  We just may be able to help.  The talk is FREE.



Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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