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Your Very First Day Clean & Sober

Your first day clean isn’t your first day of detox or your first day without drugs because you couldn’t score any. In both cases, you will go through an ugly withdrawal. Detox is a supervised medical process of becoming drug free and withdrawal is your body’s raging fury when you don’t feed it drugs.  Either way, neither one is your first sober day. Neither of those are pleasant to experience.

What does your first day of being clean and sober look and feel like?

breaking free 1The first thing I will say, is that when it happens, you’ll surely know it!  You’ll actually think that everyone on the planet can see and feel exactly what you’re seeing and feeling.  That’s how powerful it is. It’s the most awe-inspiring day of your life.  You’ll realize how clear your mind is and how good your body feels.  You will experience hope – possibly for the very first time in you life.  It’s like waking up from a ghoulish nightmare and you realize you’re perfectly safe and secure, because it was just a dream and the nightmare is now over.  You’ll breathe as you’ve never breathed before; it will feel so sweet.  You’ll hear the breathtaking sounds of nature and ask yourself why they never mattered to you before now.  Food will taste as it should and music will sound transparent and unhindered.  You will know what it’s like to be truly set FREE and you it will be day 1 of treasuring each day going forward!  Being grateful for all things will begin to be your norm.  Last, but certainly not least, you will feel God’s presence and know His majesty.  You will understand  how you were possessed by the evil spirit of addiction and now God has replaced His Holy Spirit to comfort and keep you.  If you have received the Lord Jesus, you will know that you know that you know, that the spirit of addiction will never have you ever again.  It will feel like you’ve been rescued, by angels, from a chamber of torture where you were being slowly and painfully murdered.  You know that you will never return to that; you just know!  No more having to hunt down and secure drugs… no more craving drugs… no more prison bars on your life.

Recovery need only be a one time process.  It should never be a revolving door circus that has to happen again and again.  After a while, it all loses it’s meaning and effect.  Victory Retreat Montana online recovery has the solution.  Please visit us by clicking here.



Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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