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I Believe! Do You?

Faith is a big deal with the Lord.  With God and faith, the Bible says all things are possible.  The Bible says that we need to come to Him with a child’s faith.  You know how kids will believe anything you tell them?  We have to be the same.  It’s blind faith – the type of faith reserved only for God.

Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He Is, and that He Is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6

I love to recall the day, on March 22, 2007, when I was on a gurney in the ER, waiting to be transferred to another hospital for emergency intervention in the cardiac care unit and then, if I were to survive, to be detoxed.  I was experiencing a massive accidental overdose and not expected to survive.  My liver was failing… my kidneys were almost completely shut down… and my heart was beating very irregularly as it pounded in my chest.  My potassium level bottomed out completely so that my heartbeats couldn’t be supported.  I never felt sicker; I don’t think anyone could feel worse than I did back on that day. With all this going on, for a few hours I felt really scared, alone and hopeless.  I figured I would just wait it out until my death.  Then, it happened!  It was a pivotal moment!. I heard a newborn baby crying as he or she was entering this world for the very first time.  This new little life was being born just a few feet away from me.  Usually, when a life comes in, another one goes out; however, this time it wasn’t going to be me who was going out.  Jesus let me know, at that very moment, that I would defy all odds… that He would allow me to live through all of this… that my miracle was on it’s way.  So, instead of waiting to die, I waited to live.  This was the same Jesus who I betrayed by my drug addiction.  His love for me (and all of you) is so great… so unconditional… so righteous… so pure… that He never gives up on us!  Who do you know like that?  As long as you still have love in your heart for Him, and the desire to do your life His way, He won’t ever leave you.

The rest of my story is found in the first several posts on this blog, so I won’t repeat it.  My point is that whether it’s the total healing of addiction, or anything else, God will do it – according to your faith.  In His hometown of Nazareth, He could do not healing because no one would believe that He was the Messiah.  They saw Him only as Joseph’s Son, so they figured there was no way the He was the Christ!  Once Jesus traveled around to neighboring towns, it became a completely different story; EVERYONE was healed, delivered from demonic possession (mental illnesses) and many were even raised from the dead.  Since the Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”, do you not know that He will heal you?

My ongoing impossible dream is to have an IV infusion of faith… one that I can insert in a vein and run it through so that I can give them the faith to believe.  YOU have to find a way to receive and keep your own faith.  It comes with getting the Word of God into your heart and mind by reading your Bible daily and fellowshipping with true born again believers. Above that, PRAISE HIM!  “He inhabits the praises of His people”.

Yeshua broken chainI

f you need a faith infusion in your addiction recovery, CLICK HERE.  Jesus doesn’t make you count days, He makes your days count!  He’ll never make you do (12) steps, you only need to follow in His steps.  He causes recovery to end in you being fully recovered without a lifetime of struggle.



Co-Founder, VP and Executive Director of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

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